BEDA…and, um, hey…

Most likely no one will read this, but oh well. That’s not all that important to me right now. I’m going to attempt Blog Everyday April, not because I think anybody will read my daily blog but because I think it’ll be really good for my writing, hopefully. *crosses fingers* ANYways, some things about me:

  • I am a Nerdfighter. Nerdfighters are people who, instead of being made of organs and blood are made of pure awesome.
  • I’m an avid reader. Last year I read around 130 books. I kept a record of them. Said record is somewhere under my bed…
  • I’m a grammar Nazi. I hate making grammatical mistakes and I hate it when OTHER people make grammatical mistakes. It makes my skin crawl and my stomach cringe when someone says, “Do you know where she’s at?” This should be right up there with the Seven Deadlies.
  • I like words a lot. I like manipulating them and making them pull emotions out of people in a way that is raw but gentle simulataneously. I like angramming words and turning them into others and exposing what would happen if you used those letters for something else.

For some reason when I describe myself I lose all ideas of what should be said and just type the first things I can think about myself. I don’t like making lists–don’t ask why I just made one–because something on the list is always forgotten no matter how much you try not to let it.

Life is funny that way. The things you want the most are forgotten because of the ones you think you are able to attain, even if your true desires are attainable. We are limited by not others but ourselves; we allow our expectations to prevail correct.

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    brenuh said,

    I will be reading your blog every day!
    I love words and John Green and grammar too (:
    This is a lovely post.

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