So here I am, blankly tapping out word after in the soft morning hours where I’m the only one awake, hoping I don’t wake anybody up with the sounds of videos and the sounds of the keys. I am here, writing with no plan, no rhyme or reason but to blog for the sake of blogging. I suppose this is because it is 9:03 in the morning and there are few blog-worthy events that have occurred in the hour since I woke up. Actually, I’m not sure there’s even been ONE.

In any case, the cursor is blinking on the page, waiting for me to type something–anything–without the angry, empowered delete button wiping it all away without any thought. Facebook is opened in another tab, calling me into its ridiculous world of information about my “friends” that isn’t all that important to me. Actually, most of the people who are friends with me on Facebook are not even my friends. Actually, I’ve got 227 friends on Facebook, and only nine of them are ACTUALLY friends with me.

9/227. That’s actually pretty pathetic, a measly 4%. Actually, it’s 3.9%, but I figured I’d round up. I’m unsure as to why I requested that these people who ARE NOT my friends¬†befriend me or why I allowed them to do the reverse to me. I don’t actually like most of them, and many of them are actually really disgusting in what their priorities are. Their statuses come in turbulent waves of emotions–one day they’ll rant, “my life sucks fml, why does someone always have to ruin it?’ and the next day they’ll be at a peak, saying, ‘life is good. (:’. It makes so little sense that it bothers me. A lot.

I suppose I like knowing about people. That must be it. I like seeing inside people for who they truly are, what they truly want, and who they truly love. And yes, maybe Faceook is glitch-filled about 60% of the time, but I guess it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It allows me to discover people who I have never talked to in my life but see every day and see what our same world looks like through our eyes. I don’t become friends with them so I can gain popularity(that ship has sailed, and anyways I couldn’t care less about that pursuit). I do it so I can learn about people.

I’ve got a date with my bookshelf….DFTBA.

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    newerasoul said,

    I’ve had similar thoughts about Facebook and the popular fad of online social networking. There are good uses for the technology, but it must be sought out and applied. Here are my thoughts about Facebook from a Christian perspective;


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