Today is the first real “spring break” day seeing as we would’ve had Saturday and Sunday off anyways and I already want to get back to school. I want to get bacak to the lolling heads in science class with my hand only volunteerin to answer any question and the too-early lunch at 10:30 where I scream my head off and cause kids from other tables to turn around and gawk at me. I want to go back to the hilarity of History class and the novelty of being in a class where I can help people who need it. I want to return to the loveliness of taking notes on Algebra and cracking nerdy math in-jokes and most of all I want English class because the English language makes me happy, especially because it’s right after Algebra and when I bomb a test English is there to cheer me up and make me believe in the world again.

I’m a nerd, and  I like school. I like summer well enough, but I’m not looking forward to it all that much. Yes, I’m looking forward to the early bird Web browsing and the cool air-conditioned library and being able to read whenever I want and the cherry Popsicles, but school creates a sort of social dynamic that’s hard to get anywhere else. School graspss a wider scope of people then you see going places you like to go. For example, at a basketball game you’re not going to find many posh snoots and you wouldn’t find any illiterates roaming around a bookstore.At school you’ve got all sorts of people within your grasp to look at and learn about and unearth their true beings and motives and their worries, what they think about before bed.

More than that, though, I like a good challenge and being told I have to do something so I don’t back out of it. Summer doesn’t really offer that much, unless you go to a summer camp or something, though I’ve never been to one. Summer has green grass and juicy hot dogs and short-sleeves shirts and bare feet. Bare feet rule my world.

Still, though, I’ll be biting back tears at eighth grade graduation right before we go on out trip to Washington, D. C. I’ll look forward to those last three days as who we are now with the teachers who are ours now. I know when we get to ninth grade it’s going to be different. Everyone’s going to be entirely different from now, tanner and taller and skinnier. Well, I won’t be tanner. I’ll just be burned. But everyone else, they’ll be tanned and wearing new back-to-school outifts dressed to impress. And we’ll be different. I kind of like who we are now.

Yeah, change is inevitable and I’ll be different come fall, too, but I like my classes and my locker and my friends right now. I’m not keen on braving te high school with the upperclassmen towering over someone who’s been the tallest in the school even when I was in sixth grade. But I will, because that is how life goes.

Books read: 31…I think.

Mood: Annoyed at my cold but bare feet.

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    thezombiekit said,

    If you’re worried about having a lack of structure and challenge when you’re not in the school sphere any more, why not just create your own? Sure, it’s not quite as “do this or die” as school can be, but if you do set yourself tasks and don’t follow through, failing yourself can be just as tough as failing a test.

    And as much as growing up sucks, it happens – and the chances are you’ll feel exactly the same after summer as you do now. Or at least really similar 🙂

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    brenuh said,

    First of all: YOU’RE IN EIGHTH GRADE? I would have assumed much older. You are intensely mature and intelligent and a fantastic writer! Not that eighth graders aren’t so, but you know what I mean.
    Second of all: High school is, in my opinion, infinitely better than middle school. It is growth and developing passion and falling ever more into yourself. I didn’t like middle school, so perhaps that’s the reason I so prefer high school. But I really do think it’s better–and I think you will love love love it! The English classes are off da chain (at least mine are).

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