Oh, John Green…

Why must you be so amazingly, awe-inspringly brilliant? Because you are made of awesome, this I know. But gosh. Will Grayson, Will Grayson  by John Green and David Levithan is funny and smart and structured in a way that’s different and makes the voices of the alternating chapters stand out even more.

There are no spoilers to be found here, so readers, do not back away from this rany about John Green. His writing stirs something inside of me that whispers, “Write, write, write,” that never goes away. He makes me laugh and he takes my breath away. He makes me brandish a highlighter in the reading of his books because his writing is so complexly intelligent and his words don’t lean down to you. They encompass you fully.

I really love books.

I’ve got a date with my bookshelf.


Mood: Happy

Books read: 32, hopefully 33 by tonight


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    Kelsey said,

    That was really nice! And I totally aggree about the social dynamics of school; they can’t be found anywhere else. And it does make me sad, to think people will be different next year in high school. Like you said, I like how people are now.

    That was very nice. 🙂

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