I’m an idiot

I woke up this morning at seven thirty, rolled around with little motivation, and got out of bed. I experienced the kind of emotion where you don’t want to do anything because you think everything’s stupid, and then I looked at my newly organized(halfway) bookshelf and got out of bed.

 I went on the computer, read over some blogs and watched some videos with my earphones in. My mom yelled at me because it was apparently too early and she thinks I use the computer too much.

 I ate a donut. It had sprinkles. I licked off the frosting, which was strwaberry, and then ate it. I drank some juice and did these things while reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

 I went back on the computer.

I got dressed, putting on dirty jeans and a questionable(but warm, and hood-yielding!) sweatshirt. I put on my jewelry, didn’t brush my hair

 I came to my relative’s house for the day via car, silent on the car ride. I like thinking in the car.

I went on the computer.

I ate a toasted cheese with pepperoni.

 I went back on the computer.

My day was made.

I was on the computer.

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