Care Bears

So every day there comes a time when I think, “What shall I blog about today?” And usually I come up with some stupid idea and I write it all out, hate it, and then erase it all. Most of my posts that were at least semi-interesting stemmed from my own unknowing of my subject. An idea popped into my head, my fingers flew, I wrote. Often what happens is I write a crappy blog post and then later in the day I get some great idea and end up having multiple posts per day. This method is okay, I guess, but it creates these horribly unneccessary posts.

So today I’ve decided my post is going to be about Care Bears.

Yes, you read that right. No need to go scrolling back up the page, squinting your eyes, or turning to the Google search bar in search of a double meaning of the phrase. Care Bears. Honestly, Care Bears.

They’re just so unique, each one of them with their own characterizations and personality traits. I think they might kind of be onto something in that respect, but not with each bear being their own person but with all of the bears coming together and creating one person. There’s nobody who’s just grumpy, or just sunny, or just fun. They can’t just be one thing, but when they’re all together they’re an entity similar to a person.

WHAT AM I DOING? WHY AM I WRITING ABOUT CAREBEARS? I’m just going to stop now. My Care Bear philosophies probably aren’t needed on WordPress. But I already wrote ‘Care Bears’ in the title bar and I don’t feel as if that brief rambling(an oxymoron if there ever was one) is enough to justify the title. So:

Cheer Bear!

Funshine Bear. Isn’t she just really FUN? (Was saying ‘she’ sexist? Why do I just ASSUME it’s a girl?)

Share Bear. Sharing is caring, kiddies.

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    Kelsey said,

    OMGOSH I love the carebears!!!!!!!! They totally deserve a post 🙂 I love cheer bear

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