A past portrait of poetry(hey, an alliteration!)

AGH. There have been many failed attempts at me writing a halfway decent blog so I’m just going to root around in my old Word files and find something funny from sixth grade.

All because of moldy rotten cheese,

The whole world began to sneeze

It seemed to be quite an issue

Everyone needed more than one tissue

The whole thing brought a fatal sickness, infecting even the Chinese!


Why I thought that was a successful poem I’ll never know. I’m just glad I think that stinks now because if I still thought it was good I would know straight off I haven’t gotten any better. The rhythm is so disgustingly off and the story makes little sense.

The reason my blogs are so sucky is because I’m distracted by my writing, so I’m just going to succumb to that distraction because honestly I need that distraction to get better.

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