April 30-BEDA concludes

The phone just rang. Upon glancing at the caller ID, I saw that the name and number were private. Walking back to the computer, I glanced around, seeing the bright sun playing weird shadows in the house. I hope it’s not like that one movie where the guy is in the house with the babysitter.

A chill just ran down my spine. This is why I fill the silence with YouTube videos and the clacking keys of BEDA.

Speaking of which, I’ve spent nearly all day being reminded by teachers and calendars that today is April 30 yet I haven’t seemed to connect it with the end of BEDA. I’ll probably still be updating my blog daily or close to it, not just when something blog-worthy happens because nothing blog-worthy ever really happens except my thoughts bursting and coming out my fingertips onto the keys and into the computer.

Today, in History class I had an ‘aha’ moment:

Love has no explanation. It’s there and you can’t describe it because you don’t need to because you love¬†something so much and it doesn’t matter if you have an explanation why. I think that you love something merely because you love it, not for anyone reason.

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