Blah Blah Blah UPDATE


  1. My novel. I’m kind of afraid to say ‘my novel’ because I’m afraid that’s going to turn into ‘my last novel idea that failed’, but I want so much for this one to be successful. So: My novel.
  2. A pair of short stories I’m writing with my friend that link in the end to give to our English teacher. Our ideas are all over the place, but I really, really intensely like what we’ve got and I’m working on that now.
  3. Poetry, occasionally.
  4. I’m waiting for a response from someone seeing if she wants to write a collaboration short story together. I’m thinking of a few ideas, but they are fruitless unless she responds. 🙂

That sounds like a lot, but for MY NOVEL I’m writing really, really intense back stories for my main character(the narrator). Unfortunately I left the notebook in which those detailes resided at school, so I’m rather annoyed, but my other work will tide me over.

I really like what I’ve written of the short story, and it’s like not even close to being done but I think it’ll be pretty good. Maybe if my friend says okay I’ll post it on here, but really it’s indirectly directed towards our English teacher.

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    Kelsey said,

    Hey hey hey, it’s YOUR responsibility to come up with the ideas! 🙂

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