Half-Price Books

I went to Half-Price Books today and I didn’t buy anything. There was the temptation to buy a few books I’ve reread and loved and loved and loved, but I’ve been spending money too much lately. Really, my restraint from buying books is in order to buy other books later on because that’s really all I use my money for, and I now regret my frugalness, but:

Half-Price Books is an amazing place. There’s wall for vintage books and I reminisced, looking at the books from the 1930s that my mom read to me growing up. My mom bought one and was generally annoyed that they charged her ten dollars because there were loads of stains, and then I had to explain that it was an original so of course it’s more expensive and she understood this but was still annoyed.

I hadn’t been there in ages and I noticed a new display case full of two and three hundred dollar books, early editions. There was Angel and Demons, a first edition with a really cool cover and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, American version, second edition going for three hundred dollars. I was kind of puzzled by that because a second American edition isn’t rare. I think my brother probably has one.

I don’t think I’d be willing to pay those three hundred dollars for Chamber of Secrets even though I’m a big Potter fan. I just don’t see how what edition it is makes it more valuable because the things inside are the same(unless there was like a typo or something altered in sequential editions).

Anyways, at Half-Price Books, there’s this perfectly lovely, borderline dirty smell. It’s got a really, really strong must and the must of some books coincide, but it smells so good. The bookshelves are packed neatly and there aren’t lame commercial attempts at the sale of unbook-related things.

I was in exactly the right place.


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    brenuh said,

    I do not understand why CoS was priced at three hundred dollars. I feel like that’s ridiculous.

    SPEAKING OF HARRY POTTER THOUGH! One time–at a used bookstore–I found three British editions. It was awesome. So now I’ve got them in French edition, American, and British. I LOVE international covers.

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